Eight Months in Prison for Selling Fake Clothes

Another successful prosecution followed a covert operation by TRAP partners Surelock to identify websites and making test purchases of counterfeit merchandise, then working  with Central Bedfordshire Trading Standards to identify the offender and raid the premises.  All printing equipment, four computers, presses, blanks and paperwork were seized. The main counterfeits being sold were 1D, Kiss, Nirvana, Motorhead, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Stone Roses.

Nilupul Hettiarachchige, made more than £53,000 from selling counterfeit clothes on Amazon and eBay and was given an eight-month jail sentence.

Hettiarachchige’s operation ran from November 2012 until October 2014 before the council’s team raided his house and seized items of clothing, printing equipment and computers.

Executive Member for Community Services Cllr Brian Spurr said: “This is another superb result for our Trading Standards team who work tirelessly to catch people like this.

“While there may be a temptation in making some quick cash by making and selling counterfeit goods it is against the law and as this case has proven, you could face time in prison for your criminal activities.”

The issue of forfeiture of computer and printing equipment, along with prosecution costs, will be decided in August when there will be a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing.

The council will be seeking to obtain all of the proceeds made from Hettiarachchige’s illegal activity.