£5M of Counterfeit goods seized in Camden Raid

Trademark & Rights Owners Against Piracy (TRAP)’s agents, Surelock, were instrumental in an important action against the sale of counterfeit product in Camden last month. 
After an extensive covert reconnaissance of Camden Town that had been carried out by Surelock in March, a major counterfeit problem in the area was identified & local trading standards were unable to provide sufficient resources given the scale of the unlawful activity. After discussions with the City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), it was decided an ongoing operation should be set up to carry out regular enforcement visits, code named OPERATION MATTHAUS. 

On Tuesday 15 August 2023 the first of these visits took place with a large PIPCU team, supported by Metropolitan Police and Cadets, Mounted Police Branch, Trading Standards, IPO, ACG, Surelock and other trademark representatives. Roads were closed off to traffic and three target premises were raided. Over £5 million worth of counterfeit goods were seized with three individual suspected offenders being taken away in handcuffs. 

The day of action was a great success and proved the biggest Police Operation seen in the area for some time. The presence of such a large number of Police and Enforcement Officers sent shockwaves through the counterfeiting community which was reminded in no uncertain terms that their unlawful actions are not a victimless crime and will not be tolerated.

All the goods seized will be recycled.

Trevor Jones of TRAP added: “The team of TRAP investigators at Surelock, in conjunction with PIPCU, have done another great job. TRAP continues to be dedicated to tracking offenders down wherever they may be operating at retail or on-line”.